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Mother love

Оригинал взят у rose_cat в Mother love

Rebecca and Martin Hill’s cat Sugar, looking after her litter of several kittens and one adopted baby squirrel, Chestnut
Photo by Nils Jorgenson
Orphaned Animals Who Were Adopted By A Different Species


Fuhrmann's backpack frog, carrying her froglets
Photo by Juan Pablo Hurtado
Amphibian Ark Photo Competition (many more beautiful contest winners)


Miranda showing off her three-day-old kittens, fostered by John Bartlett several years ago
Meet Foster Dad John and his "Critter Room" Foster Kitten Cam!


Tamandua DJ giving her snarky pup MJ a ride, Staten Island Zoo, Staten Island, New York City, New York, USA
Photo by Steve Yensel
Baby Tamandua Hitches a Ride at Staten Island Zoo


Sandhill crane, with her chick getting a bird’s-eye view of the world
Photo by Jim Ridley


Hyena and her cub, who needs to snuggle
Photo by Andrew Nicholson


Cheetah and her cubs, getting some much needed lovin’
Photo by Andrew Nicholson


Carolina wren feeding her nestlings in an unusual birdhouse
Photo by Livesay Photography
17 Unusual Bird Nests Built in the Oddest of Places


Broad-snouted caiman carrying her hatchling to safety, Argentina
In Pictures: Bringing up baby


Polar bear and her playful cub, Svalbard, Norway
Photo by Ralph Lee Hopkins


Giant forest scorpion carrying her scorplings
Owner's post at Scorpion Forum (more pics of mother and babies, and of how they were born and cared for)


Ten-year-old Yorkshire terrier Bridget and her adopted kittens, who all need hugs right this minute, Humane Society of Utah, Murray, Utah, USA
Photo by Ravell Call
Yorkie surrogate mother saves litter of kittens


Red-backed poison dart frog, carrying her newly hatched tadpole to a bromeliad or other safe pool of water in the trees, Peru
Photo by Alexey Yakovlev


Okapi Manala keeping in touch with her female calf Umeme, Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Photo by Kim Downey
Rare Okapi Born at the St. Louis Zoo


Mute swan with her cygnets safely cradled on her back, Kingston upon Thames, England
Photo by Laurence Arnold

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